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Dr. Mark McConkey


Dr. Mark McConkey


Dr. McConkey was born and raised in Vancouver and an interest in orthopaedic sports medicine started early due to his father’s close involvement in the orthopaedic care of elite athletes in the mountains and across Canada. Involvement in high level athletics led him as a patient to the training room and eventually the operating room and solidified his interest in caring for injured athletes. Dr. McConkey’s introduction to the North Shore was as a member of the North Shore Twins baseball team which prepared him for 4 years as a player on the UBC Thunderbirds varsity baseball team.


After orthopaedic residency he completed a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Iowa where he helped take care of the Iowa Hawkeyes collegiate sports teams including the Iowa Hawkeyes Football team, in the NCAA Big Ten Conference. Following that year he completed a fellowship in Auckland, New Zealand at the Millenium Institute of Sport & Health with Dr. Matthew Brick with a focus on hip arthroscopy and athletic hip injuries.


Dr. McConkey continues to participate in academic and teaching pursuits and has a keen interest in continuing to collaborate with colleagues on clinical research into knee, hip and shoulder arthroscopic surgery and reconstruction.

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