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2836 Ash Street

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 3C6

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Our goal is to create a friendly and professional environment where the staff are sensitive to the individual needs of each patient.

To maintain a high level of quality care, the following instructions have been provided to ensure a safe and successful surgical experience.

Download these instructions in a printable checklist to help you prepare for a safe and successful surgery!

All patients must arrange for a responsible adult to accompany them both to and from the Centre and stay with you for a 24-hour period (public transportation is not acceptable).

If you cannot arrange to have someone accompany you, please contact Cambie Surgery Centre or your surgeon’s office prior to your date of surgery. If under the age of 18 years old, arrange for a parent or guardian must be present.

  • Arrive in Vancouver the night before your surgery. 

  • Make arrangements to stay in the city overnight.

Travelling Clients

  • NSAIDS - stop nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory 7-days before surgery (ex. ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.).

  • ASA - Asprin should be stopped 7-10-days before surgery (unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon).

  • Inform your surgeon of any other anti-coagulants or blood thinners (i.e. Eliquis, Xarelto) to ensure the proper protocol is established.

Week Prior to Surgery

  • No food, gum, mints, candies after midnight.

  • Clear fluids permitted up to 2-hours prior to arrival (unless told otherwise).

  • No smoking or vaping 12-hours prior to arrival.

  • Diabetic Patients: Do not take medication or insulin on the morning of surgery.

24-Hours Prior to Surgery

  • No alcohol, marijuana, or any recreational drugs 24-hours prior to arrival.

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing.

  • Bring your medications (or a list of them) with you (it is very important for the anesthesiologists and nurses to know what medications you are taking).

  • All nail polish, gels, acrylics, shellac, or dipping powder completely removed from ALL fingernails.  

  • All lash extensions or fake eyelashes removed.  

  • Contact lenses removed.

  • All jewelry, make-up, and body piercings removed.  

  • No colognes, perfumes, lotions or hairspray used on the day of surgery.  

  • Bring an interpreter if you do not speak English.

Day of Surgery

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