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2836 Ash Street

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 3C6

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Expedited dental treatment available for children and adolescents aged 2 to 18. 

The Pediatric Dental Group (PDG) is a group of certified specialists in pediatric dentistry who provide exceptional, expedited dental care under general anesthesia.

Children and adolescents from age 2 to 18 have been receiving comprehensive treatment for a variety of dental problems at the Cambie Surgery Centre since 1996.


The nurses and the anesthesiologists who work at the centre have extensive experience in pediatrics and handling the special needs of children. Child-friendly dental suites and recovery rooms make this a unique division of the Cambie Surgery Centre.​

We recognize the natural anxiety that parents and children may experience prior to a procedure so we have designed the dental area to be a calm and stress-free environment. Parents will find a friendly atmosphere for their children to ensure an exceptional and positive dental experience.



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