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Due to the B.C. Court of Appeal decision, our B.C. surgeons are no longer permitted to provide private surgery or consultations for B.C. residents. This does not apply to cosmetic surgeries, exempt groups covered under 3rd-Party insurers, or individuals not covered under B.C. MSP (i.e. reside in B.C. on a VISA). Some restrictions do apply.

Patients from out of province can access private surgery in British Columbia at the Cambie Surgery Centre. Please click here to learn more about our Out of Province program.

The Court Decision

Services for B.C. Residents

As a result of the courts decision, the Cambie Surgery Centre is happy to announce our collaboration with surgeons Dr. Costa and Dr. Gregg from Alberta to provide some orthopaedic and general private surgeries to British Columbians with MSP.


All surgeons are fellowship trained and are licensed to operate in British Columbia. Additionally, each surgeon has obtained all of the necessary approvals and credentials to operate at the Cambie Surgery Centre. 


Patients will experience the same level of customer service and medical expertise they have been accustomed to over the past 25 years. We look forward to continuing to expand our services for BC residents over time.

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