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2836 Ash Street

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 3C6

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Our Story

The Cambie Surgery Centre (CSC) opened in 1996 by a group of internationally renowned doctors and independent investors. With the vision of Dr. Brian Day, it was the first medical facility of its kind in Canada. The founders wanted to build a facility where highly skilled doctors could perform surgery on their patients in a setting that offered them access to the latest technology and emphasized exceptional patient care.

Individuals, celebrities, and athletes from around the world have travelled to Vancouver to receive care at the CSC. The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) was one of the first supporters of the CSC. Injured workers continue to be treated at the CSC within weeks, rather than waiting a year or more in the public system. Expedited care has enabled workers to return to work and usual activities as soon as possible, while at the same time allowing WCB to save millions of dollars annually in reduced costs. Other federal and provincial agencies have joined WCB in supporting the centre.



CSC contains a total of 16,500 square feet of clinical space over three levels. There are six operating rooms, seven recovery beds and six private overnight stay rooms. The operating rooms and post-surgical recovery room are staffed by highly trained nurses and supervised by consultant anesthesiologists.


The Centre is designed and equipped to support same day procedures and accommodate patients requiring overnight stays. CSC is committed to stay at the leading edge of new advances in medical technology.

CSC maintains the highest standards for our Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD). The standard operating procedures are developed based on the CSA and College of Physician and Surgeons standards.

The Facility

Cambie Surgery Centre continues to be one of the most technologically advanced private surgical centres in Canada. It is our mandate to raise the bar and to keep pace with modern technology and to acquire state of the art equipment and instrumentation.


​Cambie Surgery Centre currently has six operating theatres. The Synergy Matrix 4K video integration system, LED surgical lights with HD cameras, upgraded anesthetic machines, and a C-arm with Retina FD technology represent just some of the high-tech medical devices that the centre offers. Cambie also has a CATALYSTM Precision Laser System for refractive surgery of the eye which is only available in a few private surgical settings in Canada


​It is the goal of the Cambie Surgery Centre to be a North American leader by continuing to upgrade and improve our technology and equipment allowing us to provide the highest standard of care for our patients.


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