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2836 Ash Street

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 3C6

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Providing you with a personalized treatment plan to improve and optimize your eyesight.

Cambie Surgery Centre is one of the few centres in BC to offer Laser Assisted Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) Surgery. Laser assisted RLE is when the surgeon removes and replaces the lens of the eye with the use of a femtosecond laser. Using the CATALYSTM Laser system the Ophthalmologist can create a tailored treatment for your eye with better precision. The laser maps out the surface of the eye and uses the information to generate precise and accurate laser incisions.


The Ophthalmologist’s that work at Cambie Surgical Centre are Board Certified leaders in their field. They bring years of experience and passion to help patients improve and optimize their vision. Please refer to  Our Surgeons page for a list of Ophthalmologists that work at Cambie Surgery Centre.



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