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2836 Ash Street

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 3C6

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Each area of Cambie Surgery Centre was designed to provide patient comfort and privacy.


The centre has six overnight stay private rooms equipped with a telephone, television, and wireless internet access. Each area is designed to provide patient comfort and privacy.

Partners in Healthcare

Everyone at Cambie Surgery Centre is committed to providing the highest quality care in a safe, efficient manner. We work together as a team, and you are an important member of that team.


One of the most important ways you can ensure the highest quality health care is to be an active member of your care team. Be involved in the decision-making process, ask questions, and voice concerns so you can make informed decisions. Talk to your health care team about what risks could affect you and learn how to avoid them. Our health care providers are open to your questions and concerns about your care.


You should understand as much as you can about all of the following:


  • Medical problem you have (your diagnosis);

  • Treatment, procedure, or diagnostic test that you may have and

  • Medicine you should take and how to take it

Comfort & Privacy



The Cambie Surgery Centre prides itself on its reputation of providing the best in patient care and safety. Patients will experience a pleasant, stress-free environment and a friendly, courteous, and professional attitude among the staff.

We believe that health care should be delivered with a focus on patient safety, while providing exceptional customer service and patient satisfaction.

Care & Safety

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