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Shoulder & Elbow Injuries

The shoulder is the second commonest joint injured in sports. The elbow follows closely behind.

Shoulder injuries can be classified as bony or soft tissue.  It is clear most bony injuries will heal and soft tissue injuries of the shoulder are the more difficult to manage.  Shoulder injuries in sport are often age specific with younger adults often presenting with instability of the shoulder.

As one reaches young adulthood and into middle age, more individuals develop problems referable to the rotator cuff with edema and inflammation followed by fibrosis of the subacromial bursa producing a constellation of symptoms known as impingement syndrome.  Often, over time this will progress to produce a rotator cuff tear.

Finally, as one reaches retirement age, diagnosis of osteoarthritis is often one of the most prevalent problems facing the athlete.  These varied conditions can be managed operatively if conservative care fails to bring out resolve.  All of these diagnoses can still allow the athlete to return to either part of or all activities with proper diagnosis and management.

Elbow injuries that limit participation in sport are often soft tissue in nature.  These can take the form of tendon disruptions and/or tendinopathy.  In addition, neurologic abnormalities affecting peripheral nerves produce forearm, wrist and hand pain that also limits potential in recreation and sport.

As we age, the older athletes develop arthritic change in the elbow, which often can be managed with arthroscopic techniques.  One can expect pain to be helped more than range of motion with most of these injuries.

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