raising the bar

Cambie Surgery Centre continues to be the most technologically advanced private surgical centre in Canada. It is our mandate to raise the bar and to keep pace with modern technology and to acquire state of the art equipment and instrumentation.

Arthroscopic shoulder and hip instrumentation, digital multimedia operating theatres, 3-D video imaging systems, and multi-purpose operating microscope represent just some of the “high tech” medical devices that the centre offers. In this facility, surgeons are able to access modern technology that has not been readily available in our hospitals. As a result, patients experience less invasive surgical techniques and faster recovery times.


Cambie Surgery Centre currently has six operating theatres, three of which are ConMed Integrated Operating Rooms (ORs).

These ORs provide breakthroughs in ergonomics and management systems, including a centralized touch screen OR control system. The Smart OR offers centralized room control, including control not only over medical devices but control of the entire OR – including data management, communications and networking capabilities.The ORs are integrated with diagnostic imaging technology and outfitted with
digital nursing stations, high resolution plasma screens and full integrated multimedia capture. Each surgical light includes a digital remote light camera system using advanced digital signal processing. Together with overhead digital video cameras and audio capture points, entire surgeries can be captured and broadcast for video conferencing and learning purposes.


CSC has a fully integrated multimedia and broadcast system used for remote learning and teleconferencing.

Analog signals from the ORs can be sent to the boardroom for analysis and live two-way communication with surgeons and nurses. Captured video and audio can be converted to digital format and broadcast via satellite, web-cast or captured to optical media for archiving. Gigabit networking throughout the facility allows instantaneous access to digital media. Multimedia feeds are frequently broadcast worldwide as far as China and Australia for discussion with surgeons from around the world.
The multimedia and broadcast capabilities of the Cambie Surgery Centre make it a centre in a league of its own. World conferencing and the ability to “beam” live surgery real time gives surgeons around the world the opportunity to communicate and to learn. It is the goal of the Cambie Surgery Centre to continue its reputation as a North American leader but to also have world acclaim with its teaching and conferencing capabilities through the technology of teleconferencing.