Travelling Clients

From out of Province and need surgery? We can help … Fly in – Fly out.

The Cambie Surgery Centre has been treating out-of-province clients for over 13 years. In collaboration with the Specialist Referral Clinic,  we are pleased to facilitate same day surgical assessment and surgery, which will minimize travel and time commitments, as well as make the process of safe and quality care more convenient.

Making Sure You Are Fit for Surgery

For your safety and quality of care, it is important that you are deemed medically fit for surgery. If you are currently under the care of a physician for chronic medical problem (e.g., high blood pressure, diabetes, lung or kidney disease, sleep apnea etc….), it is likely you will require an anesthetic consult. If you have not visited your primary care physician in the last 6-12 months (especially if you are over 50) we suggest you do so prior to travelling to Vancouver. For those over 50 an ECG will be necessary prior to surgery.

Due to the nature of our surgical program we need to be confident that you meet our surgical requirements dictated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.
In order to be medically approved for the same day consult and surgery program your BMI must be below 34.9. If your BMI is higher than this and you have other chronic medical conditions you are not a candidate for this program.

Getting Started

The Specialist Referral Clinic will assist you in making all the necessary arrangements for your assessment and surgery (click here to visit SRC).  Prior to booking any appointments it will be necessary to send medical information related to the problem along with any imaging reports. The treating surgeon will review the information and determine if same day surgery is possible based on the information supplied. Assessment and surgery can be booked within 2-4 weeks.

Please note that if you are taking any oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, it will be necessary to stop taking them 4 weeks prior to surgery.

While we take every precaution and get all the information necessary to move ahead with same visit surgery on occasion there are circumstances or deficiencies that come to light during your comprehensive assessment at the Specialist Referral Clinic that may require more information and cause a delay in surgery. Although this is a rare occurrence our primary concern is with safety and quality care.

If your diagnosis is in doubt we will recommend a two trip process.

Same day surgery can be accommodated for the following surgeries barring you are medially fit and the proposed surgery is an approved surgery: shoulder, knee, hand wrist, hernia and elbow patients. More complicated cases like spine and foot and ankle will require two separate visits.

For your convenience we have negotiated medial rates for our clients available using this special link to the Westin Bayshore.

To book your consult and assessment you can call or email the Specialist Referral Clinic (click here to visit SRC).